Computerized Adaptive Testing

There has been no definition or single set of criteria that has been validated to make a ME/CFS diagnosis. Therefore, we propose to develop a patient-driven tool named “Personalized Automated Symptom Summary (PASS)” that is intended to aid a clinician more efficiently to define the character and priorities of a patient’s current symptoms of ME/CFS, Post-treatment Lyme Disease (PTLD), or Fibromyalgia (FM).

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence PASS will enable the patient to create a symptom summary, in less than 30 minutes, that accurately describes their individual current symptoms (including the symptom character and its priorities from their own perspective) in preparation for their upcoming clinician visit. From the patient’s perspective, there are as many as 65 different symptom categories in chronic, complex diseases. This patient summary (and also a clinician summary version) will then be readily available for their clinician to review when the patient arrives for his or her visit. The clinician might choose to confirm facts about those symptoms emphasized in the summary as well as ensure that other relevant symptoms may or may not be present.